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November 24, 2012

Coffee @ Balcony

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“Build Successful, 0 Errors”

At last the screen displayed the above statement.

In fact I had been longing to see the same for the last two weeks. Early morning shifts, night outs, skipped meals; life had really been hell. Though things would not end here, this was a welcome break, at least for the next couple of hours. I got up from my seat and glanced around my office wing. As expected, I was the only living soul there. My system clock showed the time to be 2 hours past midnight! How foolish of me to expect people to be here at this odd time. But I’ve never found spending long hours at office as odd, not because I love the work, but because there was no one expecting my presence, my call, my sms or even a missed call. Thank God, at least I had some managers who expected my status mails every day.

I got out from my cubicle and headed towards the pantry. Took one cappuccino from the vending machine. Didn’t feel like sitting there and sipping the coffee all alone. The door to the balcony was open, and that was something unusual at this hour of the day. So I just walked to the balcony and sipped the steaming coffee. Even though it was 2 A.M, the streets down there still had life. People were leaving my building after their late night shifts, some 24 x 7 shops on the road side were serving tea and snacks, autowallah’s expecting travelers who alight at the bus/train stations at this very odd hour. In short the streets were alive. It seemed the phrases like “lonely night”, “night’s solitude” had become memories of yesteryears .The coffee cup emptied very fast- maybe because I had memories and thoughts to give me company. I went back to the pantry, filled the cup once again and moved out to the balcony. To my surprise, I saw one girl standing over there at the same place where I was standing moments back. Where on earth did she come from? I wondered. I moved towards her as I had left my mobile there over the parapet wall.

“Excuse me, that’s my mobile”

“I didn’t say that it is mine”. She turned back, gave an awesome smile and replied. 

I looked at her face. Now that was one cute face. Her hair was cropped, she wore spectacles whose frames resembled the one which Priety Zinta used in the movie ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ and more than everything she had two very beautiful dimples which became deeper when she smiled. I suddenly felt like I knew this girl, I had seen her somewhere and without any delay, I told her so.

“I guess we know each other”

“Come on yaar, I’ve heard this phrase a million times when I was in college. Please don’t start it again” .Saying this, she gave that killer smile again. I couldn’t blame her. A cute girl like her must have heard this line a million times.

“Alright, then I rest my case”. I said this and started walking to the other side.

“Agnes, Agnes Mathew. I’m from Calicut and I’m working here in Inflex Limited”. Saying this she extended her hand.

That was a really quick move from her side. I was surprised to find that she was working in the same firm as me and I didn’t know her. The old “Me” whom even I forgot some years back would have known each one of the 400 employees we had here. Anyway I found that interesting and extended my hand too.

“Mridul, Mridul George. I’m from Muvattupuzha. In fact I used to live in Calicut some years back. Maybe I was some 4 or 5 years old at that time.”

“Aha, that’s pretty cool. Any idea about the street, the location, something?”

“No idea at all. I don’t think at the age of four, you can expect a kid to know all those stuff right?”

“Right” Saying this, we both laughed.

That was the beginning of a friendship, a very special friendship. Agnes was really different. In words, in deeds, in everything she stood out from other girls her age. Even her interests were different. When the world around her slept, she loved to work, she loved to sip hot coffee standing at the 7th floor balcony and that too at midnight. She hummed the gazals of Jagjith Singh and at the same time she enjoyed those fast Tamil tracks. Her energy was the same while she discussed about those Classic movies and our own Lalettan’s Narasimham. Infact she was changing me too. She gave me back those passions and interests which I had lost somewhere during the journey. Movies, books, literature, the spark was slowly lighting my mind. We exchanged DVDs, books, and of course smilesJ. Somewhere along the way, we shared the same wavelength, same chemistry, whatever you call it and she did bring life to my lifeless life. I changed my shifts to night just to see and talk to her. But deep inside my mind, I was getting annoyed by this thought “I know this girl, we’ve met somewhere”

Weeks passed and December came. This was the time for my annual trip to my hometown. I booked the tickets.

“So you are leaving me all alone here.” This was Agnes’ first reaction when I told her about my travel. Even though she was just joking, I was a bit disappointed by that statement. I told her that we would go together from next time onwards. She just smiled. The request she made just the night before my travel was really a strange one.

“Mridul, you should call up your friends and meet them this time.” During one of our conversations I had told her that I was not in touch with any of my friends after coming here. That was the reason behind this strange request.

“This girl herself is a miracle and she’s doing miracles in my life.” I said to myself.

After reaching home, I didn’t think about Agnes much. But I didn’t forget her request. I called all my classmates, all my friends and met some of them. Many gave me a sound scolding, eyes became wet for some others. I was feeling happy all over again. I felt like I had found out that old ME again. It was the day before Christmas. Amma and me were doing some re-arrangements and cleaning at home. Out of a huge heap of books, she took something out and started browsing through it. It was an old photo album which had my childhood photos.

“Look Mridul, your nursery class snap”. She handed over one old photograph.

I glanced through it out of curiosity. I felt like laughing out loud seeing my appearance, one fat boy with chubby cheeks. My eyes got stuck on the girl with cute dimples who was standing next to me holding my hands.

“Do you remember who this is?” I asked Amma.

“This is Rachel, your first girl friend, don’t you remember her? She was our neighbor when we were in Calicut. Appa’s friend Mathew Uncle’s daughter. You were always seen together. Poor girl, she was crying her heart out on the day we left Calicut.”

Rachel, Mathew Uncle, Calicut, my mind stirred up some blurred images. I looked at the photograph once again. Those dimples now reminded me about Agnes. But how could Rachel be Agnes, I got totally confused.

“Amma, I know one girl in my office who looks like Rachel. But her name is Agnes”

“You fool; her real name was that – Agnes Rachel Mathew”

OMG, I couldn’t hear anything after that. I was equally sad about that fact that I didn’t recognize her and happy about the fact my best friend Agnes is the same Rachel who was my first girl friend. I wanted to call her up and tell this news. But only then did I realize that I didn’t have her number with me. That was another difference about her. She didn’t like talking over the phone; she always loved talking face to face. But that was good actually; after all, I would be able to see the shocked reaction on her face when I share this million dollar info with her. For the first time, I really wanted my vacation to get over. While I was travelling, I felt like the train was moving too slowly. Was it the train or the time that moved slowly or my mind which was moving too fast, I didn’t know

The first thing that I did after reaching office on the New Year morning was to search out her phone number from the company directory. But to my surprise, the system returned zero results, maybe because of wrong spelling. I tried different combinations, but result was same. It was at that time I heard someone shouting “What’s wrong with the in-house applications, everything is down?” Ah! That was the reason, I thought, and to be honest, I felt a bit relieved. I walked towards her wing and searched. But I couldn’t see her. She must be on night shift today. I felt a bit bad because now I would have to wait till night. Even though I didn’t have much work, I spent my evening at office itself. At night, I again went to her wing but this time also I couldn’t find her.

“Is Agnes Mathew on leave today?” I asked one guy sitting there.


“Agnes Rachel Mathew, from Kerala”

“Sorry, I don’t know her.Are you sure that she’s working here?”

“Yeah, I’m. I used to meet her regularly.”

“Alright, let me ask someone.” He got out from his cubicle and went to some other person. My mind was becoming restless for some reasons.

“I’m sorry, I was mistaken. There’s one Agnes Mathew here. She’s sitting right over there. In fact I joined only recently. So I don’t know everyone here.” He came back and told me, pointing to one corner of the wing. 
She was there in her cubicle, eyes glued to her monitor screen. It seemed like she didn’t recognize my presence.

“Agnes” I called.

“Yes?” She turned back. To my utter surprise and shock, that was not my Agnes.

“I’m looking for one Agnes Mathew, she’s from Kerala.”

“I’m also a Keralite.But I don’t know any other Agnes. Are you sure that her name is correct?” 

“Yeah, she’s Agnes Rachel Mathew”

“I’m sorry, as far as I know, there’s only one Agnes in this DC and that’s me.” These were the last words that I heard. I couldn’t hear anything after that. I felt numb after hearing all those revelations. I walked towards the balcony and stood there with a mind full of questions and queries.

Who was she?

One who sat here with me sipping hot coffee, One who became a companion in my loneliness,One who helped me to understand the real Me, One who always gave me an awesome smile showing those cute dimples, One who stood beside me holding my hand in that faded old photograph, my first girl friend.

Was she just a mirage created by my mind, in the heights of loneliness or was it my childhood friend’s mind which came all the way to my side realizing my solitude…?


February 10, 2010

I’m Back…After The Hibernation… :)

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here i’m…writing something after a very long six months…in this six months life has changed a lot…in every sense..

from student…to a professional…

from  a comfort zone ..to a competitive world….

from hometown…to state capital….and in between some months in another state…in a very unique place where a i met a loooot of people from different places,cultures n lifestyles…learned new lessons of life.

…kind of new beginning…hope to write more here…lets wait n see what will happen…

and before signin off for the day…let me introduce a friend of mine…Basil K Kurian…our own Kuruvi..Kuruvi has started writing recently..and his posts so far are sooo good…so guys n gals,have a look at his blog and give him you valuable suggestions…

kuruvi’s blog :  http://basi-on-rails.blogspot.com/

ps:hope to start Viswajyothi days all over again..and also i havent forgot abt the promise i made here an year back..a post about DRISHYA…

so look out this space for more…

January 8, 2009

Note From A So Called “Successfull Person”

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hey folks…


writing smethin after a very very long time.infact dnt knw what caused that gap.as usual a creative dryness was there bt more than that i ws busy.along with ma studies i ws carryin sme responsibilites durin the past months,like ws headin a relegious youth organization KCYM ,ws doin a television show called panorama and stuffs like that.so a big share of ma time went to these ventures and as a result the process of writing got limited to writing scripts for panorama.but today smethin deep inside ma heart urges me to write smethin.i read smewhere that,whenever u r down emotionally u’ll be a at a creative high.and that seems true in ma case.


for the last few days i’m goin thru smethin that could be called as an emotional trauma.heavy wrd naa…so i felt that if i write smething then ma mind would become little free.so i thot i would write the things that are causin me a concern  for the last few days.



Last day when i was chattin with a gud frnd of mine,we recalled sme events that tuk place durin the first year of ma clg.actually those events led to a temporary break up in d relnshp that i had with a set of frnds in ma class.mistake ws mine n i terribly regret abt those happenings.by god’s grace by the end of ma 2nd yr,again we all became in good touch but as nt gud as it ws and i dont deserve it to be.so when we were chatting we talkd abt these things and i expressed ma regret too.at that point of time she said,”mridul,you are a very successfull person.so dont worry about those things that happend,and we’ll get back our lost days of frndshp also.”.with that note our conversation got over for that day..


but today i was thinkin “Am I A Succesfull Person?”.for an outsider i am..coz i’ve got marks,a job in hand,a great family,a big circle of frns,contacts,fame,limelight,skills,talents..what more someone cud ask for.but are these things determine the success of a person ?? that question haunts me “Am I A Succesfull Person?”.i lack somethin..i do lack somethin…and it is nothin but a GOAL !! A Lakshyaa…Some cause for what i should work for.


today i talkd with a girl who is a successfull air hostess.she is of my age only,but she is earning 100 times more than what i earn…she had visited many countries.but where i’m..where is mridul george who is considered as a successfull person.i’m stil in ma muvattupuzha..(ofcrz i do luv this place)..dat girl had a dream,a goal and she achieved it in the best way she can…


take the case of my best frnd..she has got a goal in her life..to become a civil servant snd she is working for that.she knows what she will be doin after her engineering.


a cuzin of mine,who ws just an average student always durin his studies,will be flyin to newzeland nxt month for his higher studies.


still mridul is simply sittin here,without knowin what he shld do after his studies…

by god’s grace i’ve got a job in ma hand..as a s/w engg in one of the best companies of the world..in a cmpny that has got more than a lakh employess..but whats the point in becomin one in a lakh or one in a million…is thats the place where a so called ‘successfull person’ shld end up…i dnt think so..i’m not a successfull person…



by april-may,ma studies wil got over…and i’ll b d biggest loser in ma class..someone who used to say big big things,but never reached smewhere…smeone who nver enjyd life..but pretended to enjoy


.what did i do in last four yrs..showed sme attitude..didnt stand with ma frnds at a point of time where i had to..left the scene makin ma part safe..


.almost every one says “mridul wil become this,he wil bcme that”.but today i fear that i would end up with out becomin anyone..jst as an unmentioned part of history…


for the first time in ma life..i’m runnin on such a low level of self confidence !!!

October 3, 2008

Orissa Weeps…Violence Against Christians In Orissa

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May 12, 2008

the viswajyothi days-7


I’m here after the longest break.more than 2 mnths.but this time,it ws intentional.coz i ws nt in a mood for writin smethin.i’m tryin hard to get recovered from that creative dryness.

my 6th semester came to an end today.nw jst two more sems and i’m out of clg.dnt knw hw d last of year in viswajyothi wil b like.hope it’ll b …no , it shld be rockin…6th sem ws kind of ok..nt as happenin as the previous one..still had great fun…sme great moments like the plcments n all…and one really memorable moment..thts my 5th semester results…in the 4th sem,my percentage of marks ws jst 59% and i ws sad like anythin eventho i didnt shw it.but in 6th god blessed me…blessed me in abundance..i got 78%..yes seventy eight..i’ll never forget that moment…i’ve to thank a lot of good hearts who were always der for me…my family,my dept(the bst faculty in Viswajyothi),a very spl frnd of mine,all other frnds…everyone helped to achieve this great success..

rt nw,i’m havin ma study holidays..the 6th semester xams will commence in a week..had sme little pblms with the academics this sem,not with every paper,but with one paper..it is gettin corrected…hope to do well in the exams..do pray for me…

March 5, 2008

the viswajyothi days-6

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Again it ws a long break.. almost 2 mnths…again it was not intentional.was busy like anythin.the last two mnths were the most hot n happenin phase of my life so far.a hell lot of activities,responsibilites,commitments.still i enjoyed every moment.a hell lot things happend in ma life…lets go thru each n everythin…

day b4 yesterday,we had the recruitment drive of Infosys in our clg,and by god’s grace i got placed along with other 39 students of our clg.and rt nw am proud Infosian..and obviously am happy n feelin gr8…i feel like the king of the world (courtesy:Om Shanthi Om)

then what..we had our arts fest in our clg DHRISHYA 08.i havent forget my promise that i’ll write an entire post on DHRISHYA 06.this time too arts fest was spl.this time i had the charge of one team..TEAM HELIOS.we had a hell lot of odds on our way.still we tried our level best,we gave our best and at the end of the day my team managed to be the runner ups.And it was on the  2nd day mornin of our arts,i coined the bst sms of my life time.it ws smethin life this.

“we are jst 13 points behind.am damn sure that today, if u ppl can give your performance of your life time,then definetly we’ll be the champions.forget abt winnin and loosin,jst go the stage and enjoy what you are doing.CHAK DE !”

i send this msg to almost everyone in our grp…dnt knw whether it wrkd or not.but everyone gave their bst performance so far…

then what…yeah,nw am a tv anchor.am doin a show called PANORAMA,in Kairali WE..Every sunday @ 1.30 PM..tht too happend durin this period…

like this life was so happenin..again almighty proved that he’s always der for me…he guides me , n he makes me what i’m !!

“ i thank you lord,i feel so good

  because every single cell in ma body is happy”

January 15, 2008

the viswajyothi days-5(The Newyear Post)

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hello folks…

writin smethin after a very lng brk…this break was not intentional..it just happend..yeah,this is ma first post of 2008,the brand new year..if you scan thru the archives u cud c a post titled “new year thoughts” which i posted for the last new year….thoughts havent changed much…it stands almost the same…last year was good,it was happenin…had sme great moments… unforgettable moments…and it was in the last year i got the title of a “writer”…yeah,last year i started writing stories for ma malayalm blog…n sme of my stories were published in print too….hmmm…n it ws in the same last yr,i met many writers,journalists n all….n of course met sme celebrites too….n am still maintainin the contact…so in shrt 2007 ws happenin…its all abt ma 2007 life outside the college…

as i use this space for writn abt ma clg days,its nt fair to leave this post without mentionin abt ma 2007 clg life…ie the 4th n 5th semesters of ma B.Tech Pgm…i mentioned abt the 4th sem in the last post…as its give there,it ws a disaster…in every sense… then came ma 5th semester..it started in september..as the 4th sem was an utter crap,i was lookin forward to the 5th sem in all sense…n indeed it turned out to be smethin spl..the best semester till date…in all the way..the subjects were cool…the faculty was superb…n many rockin things too took place in the last sem..like the rebellious one day IV….the elections…the re-union of our class to a single entity….small but some serious fights n so on…different frm the 4th sem,i did the tests well…got very good internal marks…n today the 5th sem uty exams got over…it too went well,didnt cause much pblms like the previous one…2 more practicals are there..it’ll take place only in the nxt mnth..so rt nw am in a vacation…

this is all abt ma 2007…it did teach me a lot of things…met new people…got new frnds..the old ones became closer….new activites..new commitments …n at this very moment am lookin fwd to this 2008..lot of things are waitin…lot more xams…placements…events….

as Keats  said..

“Heard melodies are sweet,

but those unheard are sweeter:”

hope 2008 will be more rocking..more happening…

November 30, 2007

the viswajyothi days-4

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2 weeks bak,we had big voltage fluctuation in our line and guess what happend??? my modem got damaged and it ws given for replacement..things didnt end there..after some days my computer too went out of order.so u might b able to imagine ma condition…from 24 X 7 computin to a complete desert like situation..it ws exhaustin..my modem got replaced last day and nw i’m wrkin in ma cuzin’s laptop…

cmon..crap..what am writin here..i ws supposed to write about smethin else..what ws that…mmm…yes..got it..abt ma results…results of ma last semster were out last day..n u knw what,this time too i cleared all d papers…god’s grace..yes,i really meain it..this time it ws d real grace of god..u knw why..i’ll tell u..

last semester,ie the 4th sem ws a complete crap.to b honest,i didnt ‘ve interest on any of the subjects..all d subjects were borin..one exception ws oops,it ws quite interesting..as d majorioty subjects were not interesting,spendin time in class ws quite an absurd thing.still i had to attend d classes as attendance is a big thin in graduatation courses.still i managed to bunk class officially..in the form of duty leaves..and in the last sem,we had a jaundice attack in our clg,and clg ws closed for two weeks.but many of d vjcetians includin me got affected with jaundice after dat two weeks…so again i lost many classes,tests n internal xams..literally i didnt ‘ve any idea on any subject..ma mind ws completely blank by the end of d sem..for many papers i didnt ‘ve proper notes or anythin..

between this,another big thin happend..i got a re-internal exams..n the time table n portions for that xams looked smethin like the mgmt ws takin on a revenge on those who didnt attend the regular internal xams…we had two papers and each day,n we had to study 4 modules of each paper..so total 8 modules a day..u can guess what happend..my performance for all the papers were disastrous..and as a result,my sessional marks became a catasrophie for me…i ws under sessional for subjects…u knw,sessional marks for mathematics paper ws jst 26 marks..that mean i had to score 49/100 for the uty xam to get a pass mark..n d funniest thing was,i never got more than 45 marks for mathematics paper in any of the previous semesters..i cleared those papers only bcoz i had gud internal marks in all those semesters…so this time,i ws sure dat i’ll get a supplimetary for atleast 2-3 papers..still i decided to give a try…i called ma frnd shyam,who is gud in mathematcis and asked whether he cud help me,he readily agreed and i spend 2-3 dayz in his hme..studied mathematics..many times i wondered by seein sme portions,that i ws seein all those stuff for the first time…mathematics went like that… but there were 7 more papers…

i seeked the help of a very cls n bst frnd of mine for the other 7 subjects..she too readily agreed to help me out..she came to the clg durin d study holidays for helpin me..we studied together sittin in the library..she taught me the portions which i didnt knw..some of my other classmates were also there in d clg durin those holidays,they too helped me…and by this time,with the help n prayers of ma family n frnds, i became quite confident to face the xams..still had a tension in mind..and d xams started,it went quite well..after the theory xams,we had our lab xams…i did well for one lab,other one ws quite tough..so by the end of all d xams,i came to a conclusion that,i might get a back log for atleast one theory n one lab..

mnths passed n last week our results came..as i mentioned int the beginnin ,i cleared all the 8 papers !!!!,,still i dnt knw,hw it happend..ws under sessional for 3 papers..one lab ws quite disastrous..still if i managed to clear all the papers,its a miracle…a miracle by the almigty…”thank you very much” will b the lightest expression to xplain my gratitude to all those good hearts,who spend their time,energy n intellect to help me,to make me strng enough to face the exams,to motivate me to success…

still as the poem says…

the woods are lovely dark and deep,
but i’ve promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep !

yes,i’ve miles n miles to go..a lot more xams are there..lot more results are there..but this result n the journey to this result will always remain very very special for me !!!


November 15, 2007

the viswajyothi days-3

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am bak again after a week’s gap…this time am goin to write abt the college union inaguration ceremony tht ws held last week…on 13/11/2007.

you might b thinkin wats so special abt this ceremony rt…???it ws special for me.coz after comin to viswajyothi,this ws the first pgm that i watched from beginnin to end with a free mind.yes,i mean it,free mind.this time i didnt ‘ve any pgms,items or any responsibilties.i ws a mere spectator this time.n i really enjoyed dat..i ws free to criticize,i was free to comment on the pgms ,in short i ws a free bird der…so naturally a question will b comin to ur mind..what i was doin durin the earlier pgms..rt??? i will tell u…

the first pgm that took place after ma arrival to viswajyothi ws our IT Association’s Inagru..it happend jst sme weeks after our arrival.but as many of ma seniors who conducted d pgm knew me before..as a result,the duty of delevirin d vote of thnx came to me…first performance in vjc…in front of d staff n seniors..i ws tensed…so that pgm went like that…then came the xmas celeb…as all our seniors was on study leaves..only we were der..we had sme classwise events.as i ws the rep dat time,i ws busy with those events..practise sessions n all…dat ws d lst event that took place durin our 1st yr…

in the second yr..inter collegiate tech fest BODHI came..initially i didnt ‘ve much responsibilities..but all of a sudden i ws selected into d comparin team n got busy wid all that stuff..then came DHRISHYA,our arts fest(i will write an entire post about dhrishya later..),i ws the arts club sec that time..busy might b simplest wrd to describe my condition at dat time..then by the end of 2nd yr,clg day came…again ws in the core team dat time..d result ws,i didnt enjoy d pgm…by that time my term as d arts club sec n union mem came to an end..

now am nt a rep,nt an union member…so when i heard d news of this union inagru func,i ws really excited..excited by d fact that for d first time, am goin to see n enjoy a pgm in vjcet…n i did that..i saw the whole pgm..n i enjoyed d shw…and the show ws gr8..had sme small small pblms…but as a whole it ws superb !!!

November 5, 2007

the viswajyothi days- 2

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yooo…today ma series xams got over.it ws quite ok..didnt cause much pblms as expected.anyway am nt here to write abt ma performance in the sereis.but to write about a little thought which came to my mind while i ws comin back after the xam.in our class the fair sex are the majority and among them most of are hostel inmates.so some of my frnds,today decided to go for an outin to celebrate the end of exams.so they too were with me in the bus.they were a group of 8 girls.i just noticed them,and my mind went back to my initial periods in viswajyothi..durin those days,due to some communication gap and also bcoz of the new atmoshpere,we had many groups,no, gangs in our class.(gangs of viswajyothi,hmm,sounds like “gangs of newyork ” naaa)..same was the case with boys and girls.in short our class was quite divided…n this gang war was quite prominent among the fair sex.the 8,who were with me in the bus,were the members of different gangs @ dat time,and literally was in a state of enemity…

but today when i saw those 8 goin together,i felt very happy and i said to myself,”everythin,all enemities,differences,can be and will be solved by time”.let these people be a role model for everyone.i personally know and ‘ve experienced the differences between them.but today they became so close and friendly…kudos to them

remember,a single smile from ur side,a single word from ur side..it can and it will solve the differences…it will melt the huge iceberg..try to understand everyone..

“always be happy and always wear a smile,not bcoz life is full of reasons to smile.but bcoz ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile”-anonymous

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